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How To Buy A Used Board


Browse boards at any of our partner surf shops.


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Swing by the host surf shop and pick up your new board!

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Why SimplSurf?

You're Covered

All demo sessions are covered under our Board Protection Plan.  This includes up to $200 for any ding repair or fix cost incurred.

Here's what our customers say

"I'd been eyeing my dream board but couldn't get over the price. Breaking up payments makes sense and now it's mine!"
- Wendy Ye
CEO, Vermillion
"I now can afford any board I want, whenever I want!"
- Federico Gobbi
VP Sales, Cobalt
"This was great for traveling. I bought a board for a month, then dropped it back off to be re-sold. Lifesaver."
- Peg Samuel
CEO, Vermillion
"Checking out an entire inventory online without having to go in-person to shops was super convenient."
- Leo Robinovitch
VP Sales, Cobalt

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Why it matters?

Support sustainability and inclusion
through surfing.

Good for the world

We plant a sea-tree for every every used board sold. We believe that it’s right to give back to the ocean because she gives us so much each time we get in the water.

Good for community

We partner with non-profit organizations that provide surf coaching, gear and community to historically marginalized communities.  Join us in ensuring everyone has access to the sea.

Frequently asked questions

Still feeling unsure? More questions? These might help!
What surfboards are for sale?

We have a selection of surfboards for every budget and experience level.  Our variety of surfboards available include longboards, shortboards and mid-lengths of all shapes and sizes.  We rotate surfboards available often so signing up for our mailing list is a great way to see our full selection of all products, every brand and ever length.

Do I keep the fin setup with the board?

Your purchase is as-is, including the fin setup and all accessories like the leash.

What surf board is best for beginners?

We recommend soft top boards 8ft in length and longer. There are plenty of beginner boards to check out at our locations.

How do I buy a used board?

Do Your Homework‍
The best way to buy a used surfboard is by testing it out for yourself.  Of course, you'll want to do your homework beforehand so you can have a sense of what to look for.  Factors including body type, skill level, budget, board length, type, shape, fin setup and experience level are all worth considering when looking through surfboards.
Test Ride The Whip‍
Once you've narrowed down the type of surfboards you're looking for, check out our selection of boards available for sale.  Our listed prices reflect factors like boards length, shaper, brand, age, pressure dings and more.  After finding a surfboard you like, book a demo session and try it out!
Don't Drop It Like It's Hot
If you like the board, take it home! We see surfboards picked up quickly so be sure to keep your new baby while you can. If anything happens and you can’t stand your new purchase, you can always re-sell the board for cash or store credit at one of our partner shops.

Where can I find a surfboard for sale near me?

Our surfboards for sale in California are located at trusted surf shops by popular breaks. You just swing by after booking a demo session or purchasing a board, and it’ll be waiting for you at the shop.

Why do you care about used surfboards?

We believe in a sustainable world where we share what we have to stay in love with the natural world.
So instead of gathering dust in a garage, we want unused boards to keep doing what they do best: helping you feel alive and stoked!