Used Board Platform
[Public Beta]

What is it?

A software platform designed to facilitate used surfboard sales.

Early Access Offer

Our "early access" offer is available for up to 3 participating shops.
  • No cost to shop, ever.
  • Request features to make the platform even more helpful.

How does it help?

The platform provides three main value propositions for surf shops.

👣 Increase traffic

  • Benefit from's digital marketing strategy that drives sustained organic and paid traffic to partner shops.
  • Highlight the most accurate inventory of boards on your site with a single embed link that shows all current board listings.

🛒 Increase sales

  • Enable potential customers to demo boards they're considering through fully covered, 4-hour demo sessions.
  • Capture digital customers through online purchases directly on current board listings.

⚙️ Automate back-end ops

  • Automatically split invoices so the shop's commission and the board owner's payout are deposited directly to the respective checking accounts at point of sale.
  • Streamline your supply chain by stocking more, better used boards provided through's ecosystem of board owners.

Essentially, we make it easier to sell boards and easier to stock boards, which drives more boards sold, which drives more boards stocked, and so on.

How does it work?

Booking a Used Board Demo Session

Interested in learning more?