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SimplSurf is a full-service platform to manage and grow your used-board sales.

How It Works

1. Create Profile

Within minutes, create a shop profile and easily integrate it into your website to showcase your live inventory of used boards.

2. Update Inventory

We create individual listings and highlight each board in your shop through our paid and organic marketing channels to bring you new customers daily.

3. Automatic Payouts

Payments to board owners are deposited directly into their bank accounts. You just set your commission rates and let your revenue grow.

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Why SimplSurf?

Supercharge your used board sales
Sell more boards with less time

From marketing support to automated board owner payouts, our full-service platform turns used board sales from a headache into a stable passive income stream.

Offer 0% interest financing

Flexible financing helps customers afford what they love. The SimplSurf platform offers checkout financing options for all boards via our partners at PayPal and Klarna.

Platform Features

Still feeling unsure? More questions? These might help!
Flexible Financing Solutions
Increase conversions by enabling customers on the fence to stretch their dollar with no or low-interest financing.
Automated commission payouts
Save time by delivering board owner payouts directly into their accounts.

Owner-generated board listings
Save time by having the board owner provide most of the necessary details to market each board.
Marketing support
Increase traffic to the store by receiving paid and organic marketing support from SiSu.

Accurate, online inventory page
Capture online customers by presenting the shop's current inventory on the .app host page as well as an embeddable link.
Central admin dashboard
Track the entire used board pipeline at the shop from a single admin dashboard.

Frequently asked questions

Still feeling unsure? More questions? These might help!
What does it cost to get set up on SimplSurf?

Our platform is free for surf shops. Get started today with no upfront cost or paid contract.

What is included with the SimplSurf platform?

We create individual listings and highlight each board in your shop through our paid and organic marketing channels to bring you new customers daily.

What percentage of sales does SimplSurf charge?

We charge a flat 3% fee to customers at checkout and bill a 5% commission fee to board owners.

When does the SimplSurf commission get applied?

The fees are applied at point of sale to ensure alignment between us and surf shops. We only win when we all win.

Why should I improve my used surfboard sale experience?

The second-hand board surf market is exploding.  Surf shops that can offer a better customer experience than Craigslist are well-positioned to capture this generation-defining growth.  We built our platform to help you do just that.

How do I add more used boards to my store?

Our team handles the onboarding of board owners for everyone who wants to sell their board through your shop. This includes the board owners your shop already has a relationship with as well as new suppliers that we source for you. Just decide which boards to accept and we handle the rest.

Why it matters?

Sustainability is the future of retail

The rise in consumer environmental awareness means that retail is heading steadily towards sustainability.

In the fashion industry, for example, “fast fashion” companies are falling behind the rapidly growing secondhand fashion trend pushing the concept of the circular economy.  Retail businesses that can marry growth with sustainability will be the ones to thrive and prosper moving forward.

We help surf shops win the circular economy and promote sustainability in their community.

Support sustainability and inclusion
through surfing.

Good for the world

We plant a sea-tree for every every used board sold. We believe that it’s right to give back to the ocean because she gives us so much each time we get in the water.

Good for community

We partner with non-profit organizations that provide surf coaching, gear and community to historically marginalized communities.  Join us in ensuring everyone has access to the sea.