Support For Black Surfers

June 25, 2021

Support For Black Surfers

“The world turned upside down”

As of June, all 50 states as well as communities in 6 continents have taken to the streets in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. This has become the single largest civil rights movement in world history. Police forces are being de-militarized and millions are being re-invested in communities of color. Things will never be the same.

We in the surfing community know all too well how the face of racism is reflected in the water. We know how few breaks are as diverse as their communities on shore. We know how structural barriers have fortified the gates around the country club of surfing.

Let’s make change by supporting organizations that connect black surfers to the sea.

We’re raising funds to support 3 non-profit organizations that provide surfing lessons, transportation and gear to communities of color. They do the daily, needed work of bridging the gap between the land and the sea. They need our help to do more. The amazing organizations are Black Girls Surf, City Surf Project and The Groundswell Community Project.

Some participants in these programs, however, are still barred from the sea after falling in love with her. Even after receiving lessons and a board, many do not have a car or space in their homes. That’s no excuse to not be in the water.

We at are stepping in to match $1,000 of funds raised with in-kind donations.

We’re providing free, beach-side board storage right by public transit. Our partner non-profits will help distribute the services equitably to participants in their programs.

This ask is for those looking for a special way to show up in this world-changing moment because it is only right that those who have received so much from the sea also give back. It’s the oldest teaching of waves.

In solidarity,



About is a network of surfboard lockers in beach-side homes, like an Airbnb for surfing. All of our lockers are within walking distance to the beach and accessible by public transit.

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