Newport Board Club

Only 2 lockers are still available at the Newport Beach Board Club.
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Our private, secure lockers hold your surfboard, wetsuit and personal items. All lockers in Ocean Beach, SF are walking distance to Ocean Beach so you can stress less and surf more.
Airbnb for your surfboard!

Why Surf Lockers?

Surf more often by keeping your board where it should be: at the beach. 

How does it work?


Book your locker online and receive access instructions.

Drop Off

Drop off your board in your secure locker, minutes from the beach.


Enjoy your next session without any racks, straps or stress. Just surf and go!

How much does it cost?

Our Surf Locker Rates

$80 per month
10% off for all annual plans

Competitor Surf Locker Rates

$200+ per month

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Where are the lockers?

Newport Beach Board Club

The lockers are available at the the Newport Beach Board Club in Cannery Village, next door to Mama D's Italian Restaurant. You’ll find the lockers in the surf club’s back parking lot.  The lockers are self-service, so no need to interact with any staff to get shredding.

The Local Break

The shop is walking distance to Blackies, so you can see the ocean and hear the waves crashing as you pick up your board.

Will My Boards Be Safe?

We’ve built out the following safety features to ensure your board and gear are always secure.
The Lockers
Lockers are manufactured with phenolic or wood material and designed to prevent theft.
The Locks
You bring your own lock so no one else can get inside.  We recommend a lock from this list.
Security Cameras
We keep all lockers under 24/7 security camera surveillance.
Board Coverage
We offer an optional Board Protection Plan to give you complete peace of mind. 

Location Amenities

24/7 Access
Fits up to 10’ Boards
Rinse Off Station
Secure Storage Locker
Secured & Surveilled
Vertical Lockers
Wetsuit Hanger
Outdoor Shower
Outdoor Space

Why it matters?

Support sustainability and inclusion
through surfing.

Good for the world

We plant a sea-tree for every month you rent a locker. We believe that it’s right to give back to the ocean because she gives us so much each time we get in the water.

Good for community

We partner with non-profit organizations that provide surf coaching, gear and community to historically marginalized communities.  Join us in ensuring everyone has access to the sea.

Here's what our customers say

"Living in downtown SF there’s no way I can get my 8’ board to the beach every day without having to own a car. Now that I have my boards stored with SimplSurf at their Pacifica and Ocean Beach locations, I can take the bus to the beach with nothing more than a backpack. Getting to the waves has never been easier!"
"My 9'6 longboard doesn't fit in my 2-door Yaris. Being able to store it walking distance from one of my favorite breaks has been a game-changer -- no joke I surf as least twice as often."
"Don’t let logistics bog down your surf schedule. Having your setup close to your local break leaves less room for excuses. Surf more!!"
"Less lugging my board and suit around=more time spent in the water. Anything that will aid in maximizing my sessions is a no brainer."

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Frequently asked questions

Still feeling unsure? More questions? These might help!
How much does it cost to rent a surf locker?

Our price range starts at $60 a month, billed on either a monthly or annual cycle. Receive 10% off your locker for all annual billing cycles.

Can anyone else access my items?

No, your surf locker is entirely private for the duration of your rental period

What are the surf locker dimensions?

The standard dimensions for our surf lockers are 1' wide x 2' deep x 10' tall.While there is moderate variation depending on location, all surf lockers can fit boards up to 10' long.

Can I become a surf locker host?

Yes, we accept host application for any property owner within a 10-minute walking distance to the ocean at popular surfing beaches. Learn more here.

Can I pick up my board anytime?

Yes, your board is available to you at all hours.  We ask only that you be respectful to your host by keeping noise levels down when accessing your surf locker.

Where can I rent a surf locker near me?

Our surf lockers in California are located within a 10-minute walking distance to popular breaks. You can book a surf locker and get in the ocean at our lockers in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Pacifica and more.