Become A Surf Locker Host

Earn passive income from unused space

How It Works

1. Apply

We accept applications for businesses and homes within a 10-minute walking distance to popular surfing breaks.

2. Set-Up

SimplSurf installs private, secure surf lockers that we fully stock, maintain and manage.

3. Get Paid!

Watch your passive income grow as surf lockers get filled with long-term customers.

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Why SimplSurf?

Up to $10k / year in passive income
No upfront cost

Get your private surf lockers set up without opening your wallet.

Security guaranteed

We ensure each renter has coverage for their items to ensure hosts are protected.

Complete visibility

View everything about your current renters via a single host dashboard.

Frequently asked questions

Still feeling unsure? More questions? These might help!
How can I get lockers installed without opening my wallet?

Hosts can acquire lockers at no upfront cost by electing to pay the cost of the locker through revenue earned from rentals.
This is similar to the solar panel model.  Solar panels are installed at no down payment to a homeowner. The cost is then paid off as the solar panels produce excess energy that is sold to a power grid.

How much can I expect to earn?

Here's a preview of benchmarks to give you a sense of how much spare change you can be making.  These amounts are the totals to Hosts given the 75% revenue share.

Can I set my own price rates?

Pricing for lockers is up to the discretion of the Host.  That being said, we provide a Host Pricing Guide to recommend benchmarks of how high to increase your rates alongside amenities like a rinse station and changing area.

Can I pay for them myself if I want to own the lockers straight away?

Yes, you can purchase the lockers upfront at a 10% discount to begin earning passive income from day 1.

How many lockers can I get?

Through our financing plan, we cover the cost of up to 10 new lockers at a time.  
Once those have been  filled, we can cover the cost of 10 more, and so on. If you are purchasing the lockers yourself, you can purchase as many as you like.

How much do surf lockers cost?

Surf lockers costs range between $400-$800 per unit, depending on the model. We make model recommendations based on factors like space available, location, etc.

What percentage of revenue goes to hosts?

In a partnership, nobody wins unless everybody wins.  Hosts receive a flat 75% share of all incoming Revenue and SimplSurf manages all marketing and outreach to ensure lockers are filled.

How are customer items covered from liability?

We expect the unexpected.  SimplSurf ensures that every Renter coming onto our platform has an insurance policy to cover their personal property.  This way hosts are not liable for board theft or damage.

Are tax deductions available for hosts?

Expenses you incur as a SimplSurf host may be tax deductible. See the samples below of common expenses that hosts may be able to deduct against their SimplSurf host income.

Capital Expenses: Surfboard lockers, Operating Expenses, Loan Interest
Payments: Utilities, Property Insurance, Locker Repairs

For specific information on what is taxed and for what deductions you qualify, please consult a tax professional. SimplSurf is unable to provide tax advice and encourages all hosts to consult with a tax professional for assistance with reporting income from renting out your space.

What return can I expect from surf lockers in a single year?

The annual ROI of each locker unit for hosts is 80%.  This assumes a $400 per unit cost and $80 average monthly rate for Renters.  Not bad for a simple investment.