Turn Your Old Boards Into Cash
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Sell your used surfboards through our network of surf shops.

Finding a new home for that board gathering dust in your garage should be simple. Our platform helps surfers turn used surfboards into cash. No more haggling over fair prices or waiting for no-shows. Just drop off your board and get paid.

You Have Options For Commission Fees

Our surf shop partners charge on average a 20% commission fee for selling boards through their shop. If you’re looking to bring in cash to grow your quiver anyways, they also offer lower commission fees when you opt for store credit. We’ll let you know specific rates of shops in our network near you when you list your board for sale.

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Why you should sell your board on simpl.surf

Save Time

Ever posted a board for sale at $400 then got an offer for “$75, all-cash?” It’s a waste of your time.  Don’t waste your time.  Just create a listing, drop off your board and let us do the heavy lifting.

Earn More

Boards sold on our platform are listed for higher than similar boards on open marketplaces like Craigslist or Facebook. Customers are willing to pay slightly more for a board they’re certain they love, instead of taking a chance on a cheaper board that may not work for them at all.

Get Paid Faster

No more waiting on a shop to send a check over snail mail once your board is sold. Our platform deposits money directly into your account the day your board is sold.

How It Works
Create a “board owner” account here and put up a listing for any board you want to sell.

Drop Off
Choose a partner surf shop in our network to sell the board through. Decide if you want to offer demos then sit back as we handle marketing for you. 

Get Paid
Receive a direct deposit as soon as your board is sold so you can be as stoked as the new owner of your board.
Demo sessions with your board
Customers are more likely to buy a board they know. The best way for them to know a board is to ride a board.  That’s why we offer demo sessions for customers to test rides their new whips.

To protect your board, we manage all board demos under our Board Protection Plan. If a customer dings your board, we cover the cost of repair. If a customer breaks, steals or loses the board entirely, we reimburse the list price of your board so you still get paid.
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Why it matters?

"Ride-Sharing" done right, surfer to surfer

We believe in a sustainable world where we share what we have to stay connected to the natural world. So instead of gathering dust in a garage, we want unused boards to keep doing what they do best: helping surfers feel alive and stoked!

Support sustainability and inclusion
through surfing.

Good for the world

We plant a sea-tree with every board purchase.  We believe that it’s right to give back to the ocean because she gives us so much each time we get in the water.

Good for community

We partner with non-profit organizations that provide surf coaching, gear and community to historically marginalized communities.

The general locations of our surf lockers are below. You will receive an exact address and access information after starting your account and making your first surf rental.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I keep the fin setup with the board?

What happens if I damage the board during the demo?

What surf board is best for beginners?

Can you demo surfboards in California?

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