About Us
A couple of surfers looking to make the ocean more accessible to everyone

Our Mission

🌱 to help people create meaning in their lives through connection to the natural world.

Our Vision

⚒ we're building the world's most convenient platform for sharing outdoor gear.  In this way, we make it easier, cheaper and faster to get outside than ever before.

Our Team

🌊 We are surfers with decades of experience across startup strategy and product development.

Our Values


We believe everyone should have access to the elements.

For this reason, we work in pursuit of scale and economy. Scale so that wherever you go, you'll find just what you need right where you need it to get outdoors. Economy so that money does not become a barrier between you and the natural world.


We believe a rising tide lifts all boats.

For this reason, we structure ourselves as a marketplace. Our model relies on the sharing of resources so that people from all walks of life can give and receive with others.


We believe integrity is the bedrock of relationship.

For this reason, we ensure that our platform is built for trust. Surfers leave public reviews for locations and boards, Hosts see all customer profiles and all transactions are protected. Each of these decisions, and more, facilitate a baseline of integrity for relationships to blossom.